Sales Yes, Crowds No – The Spanish Government Rectifies Its Position in Light of the Rejection by Retailers of the Prohibition on Sales in Phase 1

This entry was posted on 20 May 2020 by Vanessa Guzek

The second additional provision of Ministerial Order SND/399/2020, of 9 May, of the Spanish Ministry of Health, which loosened some restrictions at the national level, introduced after the declaration of the national alert applying phase 1 of the New Normalisation Plan (see, caused much confusion among Spanish retailers and raised doubts about the application of the prohibition.


The Protection Of Fashion Creations And Knock-Offs

This entry was posted on 17 April 2018 by Vanessa Guzek

The protection of designs in the fashion industry continues to be an unresolved problem. Much of the current litigation in the clothing sector deals with infraction of industrial design due to the increase in “knockoffs” of designers’ creations. In the fashion industry there is still discrepancy about whether knockoffs are authentic copies of the original designs or if they are simply inspirations.