In providing legal advice, our starting point in the early stages is to place ourselves in the position of the members or clients that may be affected by restructuring operations. We implement such operations by means of our interdisciplinary team of experts in different areas, such as commercial law, tax law and employment law.     

Our clients include major corporations, family businesses and SMEs from all kinds of sectors. If the company is currently insolvent or its insolvency is imminent or inevitable, we carry out the necessary steps and actions to present the application for a court declaration of insolvency, assisting our clients in the conduct of the proceedings and maintaining our advice services until the process of winding up the company ends.

The advice services that we offer in this area include:

  • Refinancing agreements (Fourth Additional Provision, art. 71 LC, among others).
  • Negotiations with banks and creditors to enable restructuring.
  • Analysis, preparation and implementation of company viability plans. Other economic services.
  • Applying for and conducting all phases of insolvency proceedings,   
  • Credit protection in insolvency proceedings.
  • Liability actions against administrators or the company.