mmmm MONEREO MEYER MARINEL-LO Abogados Is Growing In Spain As The Office Reinforces Itself With The Recruitment of Three Lawyers In Its Branches In Madrid, Barcelona And Palma de Mallorca.

3 July 2008

mmmm MONEREO MEYER MARINEL-LO Abogados has recently welcomed three new lawyers in Spain to its offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca.

      Christian Krause Moral joins the Madrid office, giving support to Commercial and Company Law, and Real-estate Law.

      Ramón M. Romeu Cónsul joins the Barcelona office, strengthening the areas of Administrative and Planning Law, Food and Consumer Law, and Private
      international and Procedural Law.

      Rosa Fernández Millán joins the Palma de Mallorca office, fortifying the areas of Real-estate Law, Planning Law and Procedural Law.

mmmm MONEREO MEYER MARINEL-LO Abogados, currently with more than 40 professional staff, is continuing to grow. With the incorporation of the three new lawyers the firm now has 11 partners and 37 associates. This year the Firm expects to continue growing, this being the reasoning for reinforcing the main areas of specialisation with the recruitment of professionals of different areas.

The key to the Firm’s success lies with the values of the Firm: confidence, professionalism, good training and a strong emphasis on the experience and multiculturalism of its professional staff as a unique value.

For the current year, the Firm will continue to strengthen the areas of Commercial and Company Law, Real Estate, Administrative and Planning, Food, Consumer, Trademark and Intellectual Property, Editorial and Media, New Technology and E-commerce, IT and Licensing, Private International and Procedural Law.

In addition, with the aim to meet the expectations of their clients, the Firm is a member of the international network ADVOSELECT, an association of lawyer firms that share a common aim: To assist their clientele of small and medium businesses in all of their activity areas or areas in which they wish to become involved.

This cooperation as stipulated in ADVOSELECT allows resorting to the knowledge of more than 350 lawyers in Germany and Europe, without renouncing what is essentially an individual advice and assessment service: The usual confidential relationship between the client and their lawyer, with the premise of the quality of the legal services.

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