The 11th Annual CBBL Conference Shall Be Held This Week in Vienna with Four Participants from {m}

17 May 2019 - Vienna (Austria)

Sponsored by Wiener Zeitung, the conference is divided into two parts:  

  • Thursday, 23 May – “2. Immobilientag,” fully coordinated by Stefan Meyer, will have 85 participants in total, including lawyers, banks and investors.  This event is supported and participated in by the magazine Immobilien & Finanzierung.
  • Friday, 24 May: “CBBL-Forum Auslandsrecht,” in which approximately 100 participants (lawyers and businesspeople), will debate on the latest advances in distribution structures and international litigation. Susanne Dumke and Sonia Gumpert will each participate in various roundtables during this event. The keynote speech will be given by Dr. Josef Moser, Austrian Minister for Constitutional Affairs, Reform, Deregulation and Justice.

More information: Stefan Meyer