Monereo Meyer Abogados’ US desk offers assistance for both corporate and private clients in their cross-border legal matters. Our team of experienced international lawyers guides our clients as well as protects their economic interests in investments and business activities in Spain and Portugal. Its added value and competitive advantages come from us having a team of lawyers with experience in practicing in both countries and an extensive knowledge of US law and culture.

Our US desk team of experts in a variety of areas of law splits its work between assisting corporate as well as private clients and draws from our combined experience in all associated areas, including corporate law and M&A, finance, real estate, tax advice, dispute resolution, contract, regulatory, intellectual property law as well as estate and tax planning, probate law, national and international succession, strategic wealth investment, immigration and visa law (Golden Visas) and investor law application.

Currently led by partner Nadja Vietz (Barcelona), our US Desk was the product of several long-time best friend relationships with US firms with whom we share a common business philosophy and vision. Vietz is qualified to practice in Germany, Spain and the United States and has been assisting corporate and private clients in cross-border matters for more than two decades while practicing both in the US and Spain.

Our American Desk not only draws from our international lawyers’ long-time experience in transatlantic matters but can provide advice in situ through the offices of several US firms with whom we have been establishing trustworthy best friend relationships and who can assist our clients in the US. At the same time, we are constantly searching for new alliances to cover our clients’ needs in an optimized way.

What matters most is that our team of lawyers in Spain, Portugal and in the United States counts on extensive background and experience and is able to seamlessly provide our clients with top-notch bilingual legal support in both Spain, Portugal and the United States, in a wide range of legal disciplines, and with the cultural understanding of our clients’ environments.

We offer tailormade solutions to individuals, private investors, family businesses and foundations, while always adapting a global and proactive approach to anticipate our clients’ situations, and ultimately to preserve and grow their wealth. Our goal is to achieve optimized and sophisticated decision-making processes while protecting our clients’ wealth.