Currently led by partner Nadja Vietz (Barcelona), our US Desk is the product of our strategic alliance with the US firm, Harris Sliwoski, with whom we share a common business philosophy and vision. Vietz studied law in Germany and is qualified to practise in Germany, Spain and the United States, where she belongs to the Washington State Bar Association.

Monereo Meyer Abogados’ American Desk guides companies and protects their economic interests in investments and business activities in Spain. Its added value and competitive advantages come from our having a team of lawyers in both Spain and the United States with an extensive knowledge of US law.

Our American Desk provides advice in situ through the offices of Harris Sliwoski in the United States to Spanish companies that wish to go into the US market or are already doing business there.

Our United States coverage is extended by our membership in CBBL Cross Border Business Lawyers (the only network of German-speaking lawyers in the world), of which we are co-founders and promotors), and by member firms Thiedmann & Edler in Chicago and Schumann Burghart LLP, in New York.

In the end, what matters most is that our team of lawyers in Spain and in the United States are able to seamlessly provide our clients with top-notch bilingual legal support in both Spain and the United States, in a wide range of legal disciplines, including corporate law and M&A, finance, real estate law, tax advice, employment law, litigation, and immigration law.