César García de Quevedo Attends Berlin Dispute Resolution Days 2023

12 September 2023 - Berlin

The Berlin Dispute Resolution Days take place in Berlin from 12 to 15 September and feature a wide array of events with special reference to arbitration; in fact, they encompass the Autumn Conference of the DIS (German Institution of Arbitration), this year under the heading “A world map of arbitration in the 21st century – and what to find in Germany”, which will seek to explore the possibilities offered by Germany as an arbitral seat beyond traditional venues such as London and Paris.

Particularly relevant is our firm’s attendance at the event jointly organised by the Centro Español e Iberoamericano de arbitraje (CEIA), the Centro Internacional de Arbitraje de Madrid (CIAM) and the German-Spanish Arbitration Group of the DIS, which will take place at the Spanish Embassy in Berlin on 15 September and is titled “Broadening the perspective: A comparative look at the arbitration practice in Germany, Spain and Iberoamerica”.

For further information please contact: César García de Quevedo.