César García de Quevedo to lead a panel discussion at the 2021 General Assembly of the UAE (European Lawyers’ Union) to be held in Bari, Italy

26 November 2021 - Bari

On 26 and 27 November, César García de Quevedo will lead a panel discussion at the European Lawyers’ Union’s (UAE) General Assembly 2021 regarding “Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms and Justice: What is the future for the protection of rights?” This event is organised by the UAE and will be held in Bari (Italy).

César’s panel discussion will take place on Friday, 26 November and regarding the manner in which artificial intelligence is applied to justice systems.

The complete programme can be found here: GENERAL ASSEMBLY U.A.E. 2021 – General Assembly U.A.E. (generalassembly-uae.lu)

More information: César García de Quevedo.