Interview with Stefan Meyer in Expansion Juridico

15 March 2022 - Stefan Meyer - Expansión Jurídico

“At the end of the ’80s, no German bank dared finance real estate transactions in Spain. That has radically changed. Spain is a country subject to rule of law; it has a stable, well-established legal framework and clear corporate, registry-related and tax laws. Numerous funds invest in large properties, logistical centres, warehouses, shopping centres and office buildings. Since we [Monereo Meyer Abogados] work extensively in matters of cross-border financing, we are seeing and assisting many German banks with investments in Spain in different projects to renegotiate the terms of their credit facilities.”

These are a just a few of the statements made by Stefan Meyer, our managing partner, in an interview published today by Expansión (Jurídico) in print and digitally. Meyer also comments on the possible economic consequences the war in Ukraine could have on German investments in Europe and, in particular, Spain; German companies’ interests when investing in Spain, especially in relation to financing by German #banks; the “build-to-rent” situation; and the impact of the pandemic on the legal sector.