15.10.2009, Madrid Community: Liberalization Measures and Madrid Company Assistance Act

6 November 2009

The Council for the Madrid Community Government has approved various measures in an effort to promote the creation of wealth in the Community. Said law, which is to be sent to the Economic and Social Council shortly prior to being subject to a vote in the Assembly, would mean the transposition of European Community Directive 2006/123/EC on services in the internal market.

Worth highlighting are, amongst others:

1. The modernization of the Regional Administration: This would simplify bureaucratic procedures, rulings would be issued in half the time, and administrative silence would impose positive instead of negative effects.

2. The liberalization of the Commercial Sector: Elimination of the second license required to open or reform large commercial premises; promotion of the creation of new highway service areas as well as new hotels, eliminating the minimum distance of 10 km. between service areas, and allowing same to offer food and lodging services close to population centres. Hotel bars and restaurants can undergo renovations to allow direct access from the street and the title/license requirement for the undertaking of activities related to travel agencies has been eliminated as long as there is a liability statement.

3. Opening of the Industrial and Energy Market: Simplification of the administrative procedures which the industrial and energy service workers were forced to undergo; they can now start their business automatically without providing prior notice, and they will hold indefinitely valid professional licenses instead of the current ones which expire after five years.

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