Increase In The Number Of Courts In Spain

26 January 2009

133 new courts opened on December 30, 2008.
It was and still is clear that Spain needs more courts- for all jurisdictions and fields.

As has become the custom in the past few years, there has been an emphasis on courts for cases of domestic violence- against women- and criminal courts, although civil courts and courts of first instance will also be created.

In response to population and demographic necessities, 27 new courts will open in Andalusia, 24 in Madrid, 19 in the Valencia Community, 18 in Catalonia and a lesser number in other regions and/or autonomous communities.

It would certainly be advisable to open more commercial courts since the avalanche of insolvency cases for 2008, and those foreseen for 2009, clearly demonstrate the need for them, especially in areas of major industrial/company/real estate activity such as Catalonia.

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