Installation of photovoltaic system compulsory for buildings larger than 5,000 m2

16 September 2013

From March 13th 2014, all buildings which have a built surface area that exceeds 5,000 m2 and are intended for (i) hypermarkets, (ii) multi-stores and leisure centres, (iii) warehouses for storage and distribution, (iv) indoor sports centres, (v) hospitals, clinics and nursing homes and (vi) exhibition centres, must install a photovoltaic system connected to the distribution network and obtain a minimum production of electrical energy.

The minimum nominal power that is compulsory for each system will be determined based on the surface area of the building as well as the solar climate zone in which it is located (there is a total of 5 zones throughout Spain). The maximum nominal power is 100 kW.

This obligation affects new buildings, extensions, changes in use and complete renovations, as long as they exceed 5,000 m2 of built surface area. For calculating purposes, the built surface area includes the underground parking area (if there is one) and excludes exterior communal areas.

For further information, please contact Wanda Cazalla: