Law Extending Paternity Leave Enacted, Will Take Effect January 1, 2011

18 November 2009

With the Official State Gazette publication on October 7, 2009 of Act 9/2009 (October 6) extending paternity leave for birth, adoption and foster parenting, an additional move has been made to further implicate fathers in family responsibilities. The aforementioned Act extends paternity leave from thirteen days to four weeks, to be taken exclusively by the father.

Said Act will not go into effect until January 1, 2011 from which time onwards section 48 bis of the Workers Statute regarding suspension of the employment agreement for paternity will be modified and the right to thirteen uninterrupted days leave will be substituted by the right to four uninterrupted weeks. The leave can be further extended by periods of two days for each additional child in the event of multiple births, adoptions or the foster parenting of various children, as was the case before.

The rest of that set forth in Section 48 bis remains unaltered.

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