mmmm MONEREO MEYER MARINEL-LO participate at the Annual Conference of Distribution and Franchsie Agreements in Turin

2 June 2008

On June 6th and 7th, 2008, mmmm MONEREO MEYER MARINEL-LO Abogados will be in Turin participating in the Annual Conference of “Distribution and Internet. The impact of Internet on Agency, Distributorship and Franchising Agreements”, organised by the IDI (International Distribution Institute).

The conference will provide attendees, lawyers and businessmen with further insight into the current situation as well as recent developments in international agency, distribution and franchise agreements through the internet, negotiation of these, compensation for termination of contract, M&A and procedural strategies, topics of specific relevance to international transactions, and above all, with respect to the restructuring of the distribution sector.

Present on the expert panel in the meeting will be Sönke Lund (Partner in the Barcelona Office and Area Director of Distribution and International Commerce) who, on behalf of mmmm MONEREO MEYER MARINEL-LO Abogados, will be explaining the details of M&A agreements and of distribution and franchise systems.

For further information, please contact Sönke Lund: