Monereo Meyer Abogados Launches its Criminal and Cybersecurity Practice

22 November 2022 - Comunicación

Madrid, 22 November 2022 – the advent of the Internet and the new digital revolution it has brought in its wake have not only generated endless opportunities for businesses but, at the same time, countless challenges. One of the most prominent ones is the security of companies’ IT systems since, in a hyperconnected world, chances to fall prey to cyber-attacks multiply, as they are being used even in warfare.

In response to this situation, Monereo Meyer Abogados has set up the new Criminal and Cybersecurity area, headed by lawyers Marta Arroyo Vázquez, who specialises in Economic Criminal Law, and Rodrigo López Crespo, a specialist in IT Law.

The new Criminal and Cybersecurity practice of Monereo Meyer Abogados offers legal advice, representation in court proceedings, diagnostic reports (“ethical hacking”), employee training and prevention protocols, review and drafting of clauses for contracts with employees, managers and suppliers, advice and defence from the initial stage of the offence as well as data protection and crisis management.

When providing these services, the team gets a full picture of a company’s situation and can, thus, deliver the optimal solution, be it proactive or reactive.

Rodrigo López Crespo comments: “It should be stressed that cyber-attacks do not stop. Even cybersecurity funds are going up in the stock market, as day after day cybercriminals devise new methods to achieve their illicit profits.”

“Cyber-attacks do not only put companies’ assets at risk, such as business and trade secrets, personal data of employees, customers and suppliers etc., but once an attack has happened, it also damages a company’s reputation and image. In our Criminal Law and Cybersecurity practice, we help our clients to prevent these kinds of attacks and, if they have already occurred, to take action against the offenders,” says Marta Arroyo Vázquez.

In order to offer a full-service package for the protection of businesses, Monereo Meyer Abogados has teamed up with Fontventa, a company specialising in IT security. This way, Monereo Meyer Abogados is able to provide its clients not only with legal advice on the subject matter of cybersecurity, but also with technical know-how. Specifically, strategic partner Fontventa performs so-called “ethical hacking” or “penetration testing”, by means of which it analyses whether a company’s servers are adequately protected and, if not, advises the client on the latest solutions in terms of IT security.