More than half of all internet users admit illegally downloading content

11 April 2014

This information appears in the Annual Report prepared by the Piracy and Digital Media Consumption Observatory at the request of the sector association La Coalición de Creadores e Industrial Culturales * [The Content Developers and Cultural Industries Coalition (or) The Content Developers and Industries Coalition].

A high percentage of users (68.2%) say that blocking access to a website that illegally offers protected content is the most appropriate measure to combat illegal downloads, while 60% consider that imposing a sanction on operators and access or hosting providers would be adequate.  
46% of users access content through simple searches, with Google being, by far, the most popular search engine (97.5%).
 Another telling piece of information revealed by the study is that 70% of all users consider it totally reasonable not to pay for content which is available free on the Internet.
Finally, the cultural industries quantify as 1,326 million euros, the potential loss of income or earnings resulting from this phenomenon, and as 526 million euros, the amount of tax and social security contributions no longer flowing into the public coffers.
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