New norm of the quality for fabrication and commercialization of vinegar

23 May 2012

REAL DECRETO 661/2012, 13 April
On 26 of April came into force a new norm of quality for the fabrication and commercialization of vinegar. The purpose of this modification is to improve the competitiveness of the sector, the adaptation of the vinegar legislation to the realities of the market, and finally to define new products, features of the finished products and their labeling.


The new Real Decreto 661/2012 simplified, adapted and updated the quality standard of vinegars, repealing previous Real Decreto 2070/1993 of 26 November, by which the technical and sanitary regulations for the development and commercialization of vinegar were approved. Real Decreto 661/2012 replaces part of the Spanish Alimentary Code provisions as to the quality standards of the product.

The new regulation brings significant changes, establishing definitions, such as vinegar, acidity of the vinegar, wine vinegar or balsamic vinegar, and updates features and labeling of finished products.

It also extends its application to vinegars covered by a protected designation of origin and geographical indication. It simplifies the national legislation, because health and hygiene requirements contained in the previous norm has been already harmonized by EU regulations.

In reference to the labeling, it shall be governed by the European provisions and national rules of general labeling of foodstuffs.

Products manufactured before the entry into force of this Real Decreto, which satisfy requirements applicable at the time, may continue until stocks run out.

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