The CNMC (National Commission of Market and Competence) penalizes Correos with 8.17 million Euros for abuse of dominant position

31 January 2014

The National Competition Authority imposes a fine on the State Post and Telegraph Company S.A (CORREOS) to implement its "big customers" greater discounts than to the alternative operators.

The Commission imposed a fine on CORREOS for a very serious penalty, as a result of an act of unlawful exploitation of its dominant position.

The regulatory body considers that the State Company has applied to its "big customers" greater discounts than those offers to the alternative network operators using the universal postal service, although they contract similar services. The Commission argues, this behavior hampers competition unlawfully alternative operators, who cannot offer their services to consumers without incurring losses, which is considered a practice of squeeze ("margin squeeze")

The case stemmed from a complaint made by one of the alternative operators, which led to an investigation by the CNMV (National Commission of Stock Market) and the subsequent opening of disciplinary proceedings.

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