The Procedure For Registering Contracts For Economically Dependent Self-Employed Individuals Is Established

19 May 2009

The resolution dated March 18, 2009 (BOE publication date of April 4, 2009) from the State Employment Agency establishes the procedure for the obligatory registration of contracts between the economically dependent self-employed individuals (known by the Spanish acronym TAED) and their main client, as well as all modifications to and terminations of same.

The registration requirement can be fulfilled in person or on-line. Designated offices of the State Employment Agency accept registrations in person. One of the designated offices can be located by calling 901 11 99 99. On-line registrations can be made at the State Employment Agency website:

All contracts in force as of March 5, 2009, the date on which Royal Decree 197/2009 implementing the Self-Employment Act goes into effect, have a grace period of 3 months for compliance, that is, until June 5, 2009.

For further information, please contact Ana Gómez Hernández: