The Spanish Prime Minister Promises 2,000 New Judges, Prosecutors And Court Secretaries in 2012

14 December 2010

Along with this promise, Mr. Zapatero made the more pointed political remark that “consensus is an important stimulus” to advance the modernization of the justice system.

However the figure of 2,000 judges, prosecutors and court secretaries, thus stated, is difficult to evaluate since 300 judges is not the same as 900. The determining factor is the context or circumstances of the repercussions of the economic crisis on the 2009-2012 plan to modernize the justice system. And the prime minister had to acknowledge the inevitable slowdown in the modernization process, since the crisis is, without exception, worldwide.

According to Mr. Zapatero, 10 months into 2010, more than 70% of the plan for this year has been fulfilled. And he highlighted that in 2010, more than 9 million digital notifications had been made, and reiterated that in 2011 for example, the Central Court at Madrid will be “paperless”.

He has also underlined the overhaul of the Civil Registry which next year will be much more accessible online and the fact that the Congress of Deputies is already considering a reform of the rules of arbitration and mediation in civil and commercial matters.

In any case, professionals who come in contact with the various courts throughout Spain on a weekly basis can attest to improvements in major cities, but the courts in small cities, especially those which are not provincial capitals, have shown less improvement, and all of them still have much which can be modernized and streamlined.

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