Wealth Tax declaration must be filed online

29 May 2012

Taxpayers who have to file a Wealth Tax declaration must also file or confirm, online or by telephone, the declaration corresponding to a Personal Income Tax (PIT) or its draft.

Although, according to the Resolution HAP/638/2012 of March 26, there are several posible ways to file Form 100 of PIT declaration or the draft prepared by the Tax Authority ( by Internet, by telephone, at the offices of the Tax Authority or with various collaboraing bank entities), filing of Form 714 of Wealth Tax must be done exclusively online, at the website of the Tax Authority
Nevertheless, taxpayers who are required to file the Wealth Tax declaration are also required to file their PIT declaration either online or by telephone.

This is a new requirement in regard to the procedures for filing that existed prior to 2007 and it implies that several conditions stipulated in the aforementioned Resolution have to be met. The most significant requirement for distance filing is the need for having a digital signature, incorporated into a digital ID document or based on a digital certificate X.509.V3 issued by the Spanish Royal Coin and Mint Factory or any other digital certificate admitted by the Tax Authority.
Likewise, it allows an authorized person or an entity to act as a filing representative for this Tax, as long as it has an available digital certificate.

The timeline for filing of PIT declarations is between May 3 and July 2 of 2012, both inclusive, notwithstanding the time period for confirming a PIT draft (since April 10, 2012) or the timeline for providing bank detail in reference to the declarations of both taxes.

For further information, please contact María Blanco: mblanco@mmmm.es