Well-Received Conference On Transfer Pricing: A Practical View Given By MONEREO MEYER MARINEL-LO ABOGADOS

13 May 2009

On April 21, 2009 in the exclusive Barcelona business center Gild International, partner Enrique Marinel-lo Jordan and economist Víctor Manzanares Saínz gave a well-received conference on transfer pricing in related party transactions.

The conference aimed to inform attendees of documentation obligations in Royal Decree 1973/2008 of November 3 which went into effect on February 19, 2009 and which, among other things, implements regulations regarding documentation requirements in related party transactions as per article 16 of revised corporate income tax law and clarifies the application of the corresponding sanctioning system in event of non-compliance with same.

The conference was divided into two distinct parts, the first based on a study of related party scenarios envisaged in the regulations, the obligation to valuate the transactions between related parties, either individuals or entities, at market rate and the various types of transactions between related parties. The second part reviewed the new requirement to provide documentation justifying the assigned values subject to review and investigation by tax authorities, as well as the corresponding implementation of the sanctionary proceedings for non-compliance with said obligation.

Attendees at the event demonstrated both their enormous concern which is currently bringing this matter to the attention of Spanish business owners and the clear need for legal advising.

Afterwards, attendees enjoyed refreshments provided by Gild International, co-organizor of the event.

For further information please contact Enrique Marinel-lo Jordan: emarinel-lo@mmmm.es
or Víctor Manzanares Saínz: vmanzanares@mmmm.es