Applications for Spanish N.I.E.s once again accepted from agents

23 April 2012

The Police Directorate-General just issued a press release (notice to the public 3/12 dated April 13, 2012) indicating that, hereafter, agents can once again submit the application for Spanish Foreigner Identification Numbers or N.I.E.s as long as the agent presents a notarized power of attorney that expressly specifies that the agent is authorized to apply for the N.I.E.

The Foreigner Identification Number is a personal, unique and exclusive number required for all types of record processing, official procedural steps or even for economic or professional interests such as the opening of bank account or the incorporation of a company.

This is great news as ever since Royal Decree 557/2011 dated April 20 went into effect last year, only applications filed personally by the interested party were allowed. In practice, this notably created obstacles in the N.I.E. application process and, consequently, to foreign investment in Spain.

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