Copyright Collecting Societies Once Again Under the National Competition Commission’s Magnifying Glass

27 January 2010

In an extensive report made public in December 2009 and a subsequent press release on January 19, 2010, the Commission once again showed its preoccupation with the rates and restrictions in the Spanish copyright collecting sector.

According to the Commission, and given the importance of intellectual property rights to the economy, competition in the copyright collecting sector must be promoted and facilitated. The regulatory body understands that this will take place once a more competitive model is promoted, since the current monopoly of collecting societies facilitates or encourages conduct which can be considered anti-competition such as the establishment of unequal or discriminatory rates or obstructing the activity of certain users, both in the traditional and on-line market.

The Commission furthermore raised the need to reform the Intellectual Property Act in order to provide greater transparency and modify and tone down the collecting societies’ standard-form contract.

More information: CNC Comisión Nacional de la Competencia

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