COVID-19 Spain: Preventive Measures at Workplaces

10 June 2020 - Monika Bertram

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By virtue of this regulation and once the state of alarm ends, the government sets forth a series of regulations on preventive matters in workplaces in order to guarantee the protection of the right to life and the protection of health while the health crisis caused by COVID-19 lasts.

In employment, Article 7 of the regulation establishes the following hygiene and preventive obligations at workplaces:

  1. Adopt appropriate ventilation, cleaning and disinfection measures.
  2. Make soap and water, hand sanitiser or disinfectants available to the workers.
  3. Adapt working conditions in order to guarantee that an interpersonal safety distance of 1.5 metres between workers is maintained. If this is not possible, provide the appropriate PPE.
  4. Adopt measures to avoid crowds, whether of workers, clients or users.
  5. Adopt measures for the progressive reincorporation of people to their work positions and the promotion of remote working when the nature of the employment activity allows it.

Although the regulation sets forth these measures, the truth is that the majority of companies, in compliance with the regulations on the prevention of occupational risks corresponding to them, have already implemented and assumed these protocols precisely in order to preserve the health and safety of their staff.