Electronic Inspection Logs Approved

29 January 2009

Labour and Social Security resolution dated November 25, 2008 approved the use of electronic inspection logs.

Companies and free-lance workers who are required to maintain an inspection log in their place of work are authorized to request instead that they be registered with the electronic Inspection Log software.
Their application must indicate both the individual who will manage the software for the company or free-lance worker and who is authorized to access said program.

The manager may in turn authorize other users/managers.

The application for authorization must be filed with the Provincial Labour and Social Security Department for the province where the company has its registered office.

In order to obtain said authorization, the companies or free-lance workers must guarantee that they have at least one personal computer with smartcard port Internet access to the electronic Inspection Log software.

Lastly, the application form is available on the Labour and Social Security Department website at www.mtin.es/itss.

For further information, please contact Eduardo Frutos Ramírez: efrutos@mmmm.es