Foreign direct investment in Spain increased 18.4% in 2011

16 April 2012

According to Invest in Spain, a company affiliated with the Secretary of State for Commerce, Spain was on the receiving end of a total of €28.4 billion of foreign direct investment in equity holdings in 2011, which is 18.4% more than in 2010 according to data from the Foreign Investment Registry of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. In net terms, FDI increased by 18.2% after factoring in disinvestments in the past year amounting to €3.6 billion.

The principle sectors to benefit from inflows of foreign investment with significant percentages of the non-foreign securities holding companies total were the wireless communications (17.9%), passenger air transport (17.6%), and other monetary brokerage –banking (7.9%) sectors.

By countries of origin of the investment (final investor), not including foreign securities holding companies, the United Kingdom (30%) is the leading investor country, followed by France (25.1%), the Netherlands (6.6%), the United States (6.4%), Luxembourg (5.9%) and Germany (5%).

Major Investments

A U.S. biotechnology multinational company opened its first research center (CITRE) outside the US with the aim of investigating new therapies to treat illnesses which have been incurable until now, especially cancers and diseases of the immunological system.

The world’s largest bank, China’s ICBC, officially opened its first office in Spain in January 2011. The financial entity established itself in Spain with the object of providing services to 166,000 Chinese nationals residing in Spain and to become an important financial channel to help improve investment flows between China and Spain.

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