Government helps insolvent or downsizing companies apply for guaranteed salary funds

8 January 2009

The government has approved order 2942/2008 of October 7 (B.O.E. of October 16, 2008) which created the Guaranteed Salary Funds (hereinafter FOGASA) Electronic Registry with the aim of creating a more efficient system for citizen relations.

The order includes regulations governing general criteria for the electronic filing, with an advanced electronic signature, of FOGASA documents, applications and communications as well as the functioning of said registry and a standard form for the electronic filing of applications for salary guarantee services.

Individuals wishing to access the Registry must do so through the web site by clicking on procedural form for the corresponding application in the Electronic Registry section. It is very important to remember that no individual or entity can use the Registry site without obtaining an “electronic signature” through the website of any certifying authority.

For further information, please contact Ana Gómez Hernández: