Innovations For Real Estate Agents in Catalonia -Decree 12/2010, 2nd of March-

12 April 2010

After the Decree 12/2010 dated 9th of March has entered into force, Catalonia became the first Spanish Autonomous Region that had established a centralized register of all real estate agents.

The inscription in this register is obligatory for the approximately 10.800 real estate agents in Catalonia. However, those who were already involved in such professional activity before the enactment of the Decree will be given a period of six months during which they will have to make the inscription. In this regard, the Decree sets requirements related to the professional practice that have to be fulfilled in order to obtain the registration, such as to establishing a warranty, contracting an insurance or verifying their training in the professional areas related to the housing sector.

The management of the register will be conducted by the Housing Agency. However, the duties and responsibilities of the Housing Agency will be carried out by the public enterprise Adigsa until the moment when the Housing Agency becomes a functioning entity.

The Catalonian legislator expects positive effects from the introduction of the register derived from transparency and consumer protection in the housing sector.

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