New Regulations On Social Security Benefit Payments Go Into Effect

2 June 2009

The March 21, 2009 publication in the Official State Gazette (BOE) of Royal Decree 295/2009 dated March 6th on Social Security benefit payment regulations for maternity, paternity, high-risk pregnancy and lactation includes complete and unified increases and improvements.

Modifications to maternity subsidies now allow coverage in more situations, such as fosterage (minimum one year) and establish, in addition, an employee age-based scale to determine minimum contribution eligibility requirements. Another key change is the increase in the maternity subsidy for those who have not yet met the minimum contribution requirement.

The paternity subsidies have also been regulated placing protected status situations on a par with situations which merit maternity benefits. The minimum requirements to receive benefits, as well as the benefit amount, term and rules governing same have also been established.

Lastly, I would like to indicate that, as regards benefits for high-risk pregnancies, said risk is categorized as an occupational contingency, thus eliminating the minimum contribution eligibility requirements. As regards benefits for high-risk lactation, the legal system established parallels that of the system governing high-risk pregnancies.

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