On the 12 of January the period for application of ICANN new domains will be opened

23 December 2011

The ICANN (INTERNET CORPORATION FOR ASSIGNED NAMES AND NUMBERS) authority that governs internet domains approved recently a new policy that will revolutionize the system of domain names as we know them.

In a short period options regarding first level domain names will multiply to include names of companies, cities and geographical indications, etc. Until now there were about 250 domains: 22 of first level (like until now com or edu, org, etc) plus ones of each country. From January 2012 it will be possible to registry as domains of first level full names like trademarks, companies, cities and others like coke, cocacola, etc.

Some experts have warned about new phenomenon’s that can happen like alleged fragmentation of internet by contents and of course the most known danger of cyberocupation, this is that eventually third parties occupy registries of big trademarks, directly with trademarks, derivatives or variants of the same ones called cybersquatting, to block them and after profiting from its sale. ICANN understands that this won’t happen because on one hand costs will be discouraging and on the other hand the new system of registration will be strict what explains that costs of registration increases considerably.

If you are interested in booking for your company a new domain, mark in your agenda the 12 of January and contact us as soon as possible to request management or any other consultation regarding this subject.

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