Paternity Leave Extension for Large Families And Families Where One Member Has A Disability

4 March 2009

The ninth transitory order of Organic Law 3/2007 dated March 22nd, regarding real equality between men and women, includes the progressive and gradual increase over six years in work contract suspension for paternity to, ultimately, four weeks.

In order to put this measure into effect, the Sixth Additional Order of Law 2/2008 regarding General State Budgets for 2009 foresees that the suspension of the employment contract in these cases will be for twenty days when the birth, adoption or placement takes place in a large family, when the new addition changes family status to “large” or when one of the family members has a disability.

The length will increase in the case of a multiple birth, adoption or placement by two days for each additional child, or if one of them has a disability.

This order applies to all births, adoptions or placements which take place after January 1, 2009.

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