Social and Vocational Integration Program For Female Victims of Domestic Violence

11 February 2009

In response to current societal realities, the Council of Ministers has passed Royal Decree 1917/2008 dated December 10, 2008 which approves the program of social and vocational integration previously envisaged in the Organic Law on Overall Protective Measures against Domestic Violence.

The program was created for victims of domestic violence who are currently registered with the Public Service unemployment office. To that end, the domestic violence circumstances are accredited by a legal sentence, court-ordered protective measures or a protective order for the victim. The program, which has an approved budget of €11,112,422 Euros, stands to benefit around 8,324 women are estimated to be in this situation.

The social and vocational integration program attempts to (re-)integrate women who have suffered domestic violence into the labour market and to that end carries out a group of measures making up a social and vocational integration itinerary, a specific training program, economic incentives (both for the women as well as the companies that employ them) and incentives to facilitate geographic mobility and compensate for wage differences.

Among the incentives under consideration are, on the one hand, those for the women themselves which promote business start-ups as entrepreneurs or free-lancers. Such subsidies are 10% above those set for other female workers. Incentives for companies who hire women in this situation, on the other hand, include a discount of 125 €/month (1,500 €/year) for 4 years since the time of hiring, or the corresponding amount for a part-time hire. There are also incentives to facilitate geographic mobility by financing moving expenses including travel, household moving, accommodation, day care and dependent care expenses.

For those cases in which the female victim of domestic violence has been forced to leave her job, and the new employment contract is for a lower salary than the previous one, she can claim for the difference of the contribution base up to a maximum of 500€/month for a maximum of 12 months.

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