Urgent Need to Make Essential and Cost-Effective Updates to Increase Spanish Justice System Resources

28 December 2009

It has been calculated that information technology would save 250 million euros and is needed in more than 13% of the courts.

Two recent studies of the current situation of the Spanish Justice system have concluded that:

1.- they should be provided with broadband internet access, electronic signatures and digitization;

2.- these measures would mean an increase in efficiency and productivity, shorter processing times and a decrease in the associated backlog of files (something which is currently much needed) and savings of up to 250 million euros; and

3.- will make the so-called electronic file inevitable.

The aforementioned should be coordinated along with the inevitable move towards the internationalization of Justice.

Likewise, there is an evident need for more human and material resources, with all of the essential and necessary training which this implies, including computer training, languages, etc.

In any event, all indications show that the future of the Justice system should and will be an essentially paperless one; and IT should be employed to that end.

For further information, please contact Alex Ensesa: aensesa@mmmm.es