Venture Capital Funds; the European Commission Finally Considers Establishing A Single European Permit

30 June 2011

The idea is to create a “European passport” for venture capital funds so that they can freely invest across all EU member states without having to register in each one of them, as is currently the case.


It was high time for them to consider this possibility since promotion of free movement of capital in the EU would, obviously, have a positive effects on companies in the sector which benefit, either directly or indirectly, by these funds’ oftentimes sizeable investments and funding.

In practice, these funds are investing in new and medium-sized companies, usually in the fields of innovative services, and they are well aware that the risks and profits can be considerable.

History has shown that new companies have been started thanks to these funds, their investments and financing. The entrepreneurs behind these companies had good ideas, but lacked financing. Classic forms of financing, e.g. banks and the like, are not what they once were – especially in Spain – and they no longer provide financial backing for most entrepreneurs and their ideas.

In any event, the aim and objective of the European Commission is that registration in a Member State should be sufficient to act in all of the EU member states, and to that end a consultation period has been opened for individuals, companies and public entities to participate in until August of this year.

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