Notice on Coronavirus: Measures to Avoid its Spread and Preserve Our Level of Service to Our Clients

As a consequence of the extraordinary measures implemented starting Saturday, 14 March by the Spanish government, we have initiated a special telecommuting programme in our offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca which enables part of our staff to pay the necessary attention to the vulnerable persons under their care (children, elderly and chronically ill people) as well as adopt any appropriate preventive measures. We are also cancelling trips by our personnel, as well as restricting our attendance at highly populated events, acts and meetings.

The majority of the staff of our offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca is already working remotely. For this purpose, they have been provided with the material and technological resources necessary so that they may continue to provide our clients with the high-quality legal advice characteristic of our firm. They are available to contact at any time using our normal telephone numbers (Madrid: 91 319 96 86; Barcelona: 93 93 487 58 94; Palma de Mallorca: 971 71 70 34) or their usual email addresses, which are in our lawyers’ and tax advisors’ profiles on this same website.

By implementing these measures, we guarantee the defence of our clients’ interests and rights while preserving our health and that of our families by following the recommendations of the Spanish government and the Ministry of Health to slow the spread of the epidemic.

We are thankful for the support of providers and friends during this extraordinary time in Spain.

We appreciate your understanding.