New Case Law in Spain: Value Added Tax on Amateur Sports Events

Spain is known for its love for sport, both at the professional and amateur levels, leading to outstanding achievements in a wide variety of sports in the recent past. In this regard, we are pleased to report on new case law from the Madrid High Court of Justice (Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Madrid) which deals with the VAT levied on amateur sporting events. In fact, in this case I was fortunate enough to serve as the lawyer responsible for filing suit against the Spanish tax authorities.

This entry was posted on 12 August 2022 by Gustavo Yanes in Tax.

Intellectual Property in Distribution Agreements

The very nature of business owners drives them to constantly seek new markets to increase sales of their products. It is in this context that distribution agreements become particularly important and essential to trade, as they offer (with lower costs and risks) the chance to approach potential consumers who would be quite difficult to reach if not through a distributor.

This entry was posted on 22 April 2022 by Rodrigo López Crespo in Industrial Property.

Challenges in Intellectual Property: Digitalisation, Counterfeiting and Sustainability

If you had been asked some years ago which development has entailed the greatest revolution in trade, the answer would have been obvious: the Internet. This is because the Internet and the digital revolution it has brought along have not only generated an endless stream of opportunities for companies to access new consumer bases to market their products and services to – thanks to the opening of new potential markets that transcend traditional borders – but have also brought on a number of unexpected challenges.

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