It’s our aim to create tax-optimized wills and inheritance contracts. Naturally, the required advice will increase, should affected assets be held in foreign countries – not only locally. On the one hand, the distinctiveness that comes with the international side can create traps which ought to be recognized and dealt with during one’s lifetime, but on the other hand, it is especially those characteristics which can offer lucrative opportunities.

If precautions have not been taken in the course of one’s life, disputes can often arise. We advise disputing parties, representing our clients in and out of court. We also provide support to our clients with estate investigations and settlements, which might cross boarders, as well as with the calculation and preparation of the appropriate tax return.

At all times, the focus of our inheritance advice is the consideration of Inheritance Tax Law, and asmuch as the dispositions have already been done during the lifetime – Gift Tax Law. In these cases we also perform national and international tax assessments.

As our clients in the field of inheritance law, we have owners of medium-sized and family run companies and, of course, the private individuals.